About Us

iToner.ink is a buyer of all your brand-new, unused, sealed OEM surplus or overstock toner cartridges, including fuser and transfer kits. These are toners you no longer have use for because your printer broke down and was replaced with equipment that is no longer compatible with your existing inks or you are simply getting rid of excess inventory.

iToner.ink is located in Edmonton, Alberta. With over 5 years experience in the ink and toner business, we pride ourselves on being fair in all of our offers, and most of all - great customer service!

We pick-up and pay cash locally. For the rest of Canada, the decision whether to pay up-front or upon receipt of the product is determined per offer.

To begin the process, please fill out our Sell to iToner Form or email your product lists to: info@itoner.ink. We will respond with an offer for purchase within 12 hours of receiving your list.